WSRO 2018 Board of Directors Elections


Call for Nominations

The 2018 election process begins with this Call for Nominations. The Bylaws direct the Board to solicit nominations of voting members interested in running for the Board of Directors. Each nominee must be an Organizational or Individual member in good standing. Members who have not paid their dues prior to election will be considered in poor standing and will lose their privilege to vote and hold office. Officer positions are selected annually by the incoming Board of Directors, at their annual retreat in early December.

Two vacancies will occur on the Board of Directors as of December 31, 2017. Outgoing Board Members are LeAnn Yamamoto and Jessica Brandt. Continuing Board Members are Billy Duss, Daniel Heldring and Karen Henderson. You are asked to nominate members you would like to see serve a two-year term, beginning January 1, 2018 and ending December 31, 2019. Your nominees must be a WSRO members in good standing for 2018 to be eligible for a board position. Each nominee will be contacted for formal acceptance of the nomination before being placed on the election ballot scheduled for distribution on November 20, 2017.

Submit nominations here:

Nominations must be received by November 8 by 5:00 p.m.   

Board Responsibilities

The Board of Directors develops plans, programs and budgets required to support the organization’s activities. Each director acknowledges that s/he must:
  • Possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with the public and business community;
  • Possess the ability to juggle several assignments at the same time;
  • Possess the ability to effectively cross the barrier between accomplishing “paid” and “non-paid” work; and
  • Possess the willingness to pitch in and assist fellow directors in the accomplishments of their WSRO assignments.

Each Director
  • Assists in development and modification of plans, program standards, budgets and evaluation for the organization.
  • Is involved in statewide services requiring professional working relationships with other transportation and ridesharing providers.
  • Assists other WSRO officers in assessing suitability of plans/programs, monitors progress and evaluates final results.
  • Assists in the development of meeting agendas.
  • Maintains cooperative working relationship with other directors, and acts as liaison for assigned committee, providing leadership and guidance as needed.
  • Assists in annual membership drive.
  • Commits 10 – 15 hours per month in support of WSRO board activities including attending monthly board meetings.
  • Attends quarterly membership conferences/workshops and 1 to 2 board retreats.
  • Actively work on program planning, recruiting speakers for conferences and workshops.

  • Sets agenda for monthly board meetings.
  • Monitors timeline of tasks to be accomplished.
  • Conducts annual business/membership meeting.
  • Conducts board elections.
  • Conducts awards/recognition process (Wall of Fame and Recognition Awards)
  • Establishes temporary committees and task forces as necessary.
  • Prepares communications with other organizations or individuals; response to requests for information.
  • Represents WSRO’s adopted policy positions.
  • Approves all expenditures.
  • Provides tie-breaking vote when necessary.
  • Acts as WSTA liaison; attends or send delegate to meetings as appropriate.
  • Coordinates development and preparation of workshop agendas.
  • Provides final agenda approval before printing and distribution.
  • Coordinates production and distribution of workshop agendas and registration packets.
  • Prepares final tabletop agenda for workshop.
  • Provides introduction at workshop.

  • Records, prepares and forwards the minutes of the board meetings.
  • Prepares speaking information sheets for workshop packets.
  • Actively works on program planning, recruiting speakers for conferences and workshops.
  • Coordinates and arranges logistics for each workshop, including hotel and external excursions.
  • Arranges location, hotel guest and meeting rooms for each conference; negotiates with the hotel.
  • Acts as board liaison o hotel and city where workshop is located.
  • Coordinates equipment and other materials for workshops.
  • Provides final counts to hotel for meals and rooms.
  • Assists Treasurer during registration at workshops.
  • Coordinates compilation of “speaker bags.”

Communications Director
  • Presides in the absence of the chair.
  • Ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chair.
  • Coordinates new material for WSRO Website.
  • Prepares evaluation form for workshop packets.
  • Sends thank you notes to all speakers.
  • Assists in compilation of speaker bags.

Membership Director

  • Recruit new members to WSRO, retain existing members
  • Promote and achieve awareness of membership benefits
  • Develop and maintain informational material which describes benefits of membership in WSRO
  • Communicate with WSRO members using web, e-mail, other resources to highlight membership benefits.
  • Develop, implement strategies for welcoming new members, reinstating lapsed members
  • Make up to date periodic membership reports as appropriate for Board meetings, annual business meetings.
  • Actively works on program planning, recruiting speakers for conferences and workshops.

  • Receives and safely keeps all monies.
  • Handles collections.
  • Disburses monies under direction of the Board and approval by the Chairperson.
  • Keeps accurate accounting of receipts, revenues, expenses, checkbook and bank statements.
  • Tracks revenue and expenses and provides monthly statement of such to the board.
  • Tracks and provides comparative financial data as directed by board.
  • Reports accounts at annual business/membership meeting and provides annual report of expenses and receipts.
  • Maintains membership data and distributes annual membership dues notices.
  • Compiles list of workshop registrants and using this creates workshop nameplates.
  • Prepares workshop folders to distribute to registrants.
  • Coordinates registration at workshop.
  • Distributes invoices to workshop attendees. 
  • Maintains accounts receivable-deposits revenue (done in Olympia) and accounts payable-dispense expenditures.
  • Maintains accurate organizational files.
  • Completed necessary filing with the Secretary of State (registration as non-profit organization annually) and Internal Revenue Service annually (if under $25,000 in revenue annually, not necessary).




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