WSRO Board of Directors Responsibilities

Below is complete list of roles and responsibilities for the WSRO Board of Directors. The incoming and returning board of directors determine board positions at the January transition meeting. To see who is currently on the Board of Directors, go to the Board of Directors page.

Board of Directors Responsibilities

The Board of Directors develops the plans, programs, and budgets required to support the organization’s activities. 

    All Directors:

    • Establish and maintain effective working relations with the public and business community
    • Handle multiple assignments simultaneously.
    • Effectively cross the barrier between accomplishing "paid" and "non-paid" work.
    • Coordinate with other board members to carry out the mission of the organization and the programs/services established by its members.
    • Assist in the development and modification of plans, program standards, budgets, and evaluation for the organization. 
    • Maintain cooperative working relationships with other board members and acts as liaison for assigned committees, providing leadership and guidance as needed.
    • Assist in program planning, agenda development, and speaker recruitment for conferences. 
    • Conduct business/membership meetings at annual conferences.
    • Assist in annual membership drive.
    • Attend annual conferences and board retreats.
    • Commit to attending at least one board meeting per month (usually by teleconference) and a nominal amount of hours per month in support of WSRO-related activities.


      • Sets the agenda for board meetings.
      • Monitors timeline of WSRO work plan and ensures tasks are completed.
      • Conducts board elections and appoints vacant Board member positions with concurrence of the remaining Board.
      • Conducts awards/recognition process (e.g., Wall of Fame).
      • Establishes temporary committees and task forces as necessary.
      • Prepares communications with other organizations or individuals and responds to requests for information.
      • Represents WSRO’s adopted policy positions to members and partners.
      • Approves all expenditures.
      • Serves as liaison to ACT and WSTA; attends (or sends delegate to) to ACT conference.
      • Provides tie-breaking vote, when necessary.

        Vice Chairperson:

          • Presides in the absence of the chairperson.
          • Coordinates with chairperson on all organization activities to ensure all annual work plan tasks are completed.
          • Ex-officio member of all committees/teams.
          • Monitors timeline of WSRO work plan to plan original content/share existing webinar content with members.
          • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.


            • Records, prepares, and shares the minutes of the board meetings.
            • Creates up-to-date reports as appropriate for Board meetings, annual business meetings.
            • Assists other Directors in accurate record keeping of meeting proceedings and processes and procedures.
            • Maintains the organization of the WSRO file storage medium (Google Drive).

              Communications Director:

                • Communicates with WSRO members, contacts, and other interested parties using website, email, and social media platforms to highlight membership benefits, conferences/workshops, and other organization activities.
                • Coordinates and implements updates to the WSRO website.
                • Conducts annual audit of the WSRO website.
                • Creates social media (Facebook, Twitter) content and manages social media accounts.
                • Creates up-to-date communication reports as appropriate for board meetings, annual business meetings.
                • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.
                • Coordinates and provides oversight of planned posting for the Wheel Options and Conference
                • Sends a thank you to the Conference Sponsors and Conference Speakers - (Create a template)

                    Membership Director:

                      • Recruits new members to WSRO and retains existing members.
                      • Promotes awareness of membership benefits.
                      • Develops and maintains informational material describing the benefits of WSRO membership.
                      • Develops and implements strategies for welcoming new members; works to reinstate lapsed members.
                      • Creates up-to-date membership reports as needed for board and annual business meetings.
                      • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.
                      • Maintains a historical record of past Board Members.


                            • Receives and safely keeps all monies. Handles collections.
                            • Disburses monies under direction of the Board and approval by the chairperson.
                            • Keeps accurate accounting of receipts, revenues, expenses, and bank statements.
                            • Tracks and provides comparative financial data (revenue and expenses) as directed by Board.
                            • Creates up-to-date financial reports as appropriate for board meetings and annual business meetings, and provides annual report of expenses and receipts.
                            • Maintains membership data and distributes annual membership dues notices.
                            • Maintains accurate organizational files.
                            • Maintains accounts receivable-deposits revenue and accounts payable-dispense expenditures.
                            • Completes necessary annual filings with the Secretary of State and Internal Revenue Service.
                            • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.
                                Promotions Director:
                                  • Plans the annual Wheel Options promotion with the assistance of the Promotional Advisory Council and the King County Metro Mobility Services Coordinator (determines a theme, creates posters and graphics, solicits prize donations, etc.).
                                  • In collaboration with the Treasurer, calculates Wheel Options partner/jurisdictional contributions and send out invoices.
                                  • Develops the Wheel Options ETC toolkit.
                                  • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.
                                  • Coordinates with Communication’s Director of social media postings.
                                  • Inspires Wheel Option themes and graphics.
                                  • Manages and updates the website and coordinates with Communication Director to provide content and images for WSRO website for October campaign.

                                  Events Director:

                                    • Chairs the Conference Planning Committee and takes the lead on securing:
                                      • Conference Location
                                        • Coordinates the contract with the hotel or conference center
                                        • Food
                                        • Lodging
                                        • Meeting space
                                      • Programming
                                        • Soliciting, reviewing, and approving conference sessions
                                        • Reviewing and securing keynote speaker(s)
                                        • Planning pre-conference activities (social and social event)
                                      • Sponsorship
                                        • Work with the Partnerships chair to identify and onboard sponsors for the Conference.
                                    • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.

                                    Partnerships Director:

                                    • In coordination with the Events Chair and the Board of Directors, identify and onboard sponsors for the Annual Conference.
                                    • Translate Conference sponsorship into annual membership in the organization.
                                    • Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the chairperson.
                                    • In collaboration with the Membership Director  - Develops strategies to attract new & former and retain the membership with marketing the value of the membership for employers.
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