Recognition Awards

Each year, the Washington State Ridesharing Organization honors individuals, teams, and organizations in the transportation demand management (TDM) community who have gone the "extra mile" in demonstrating their commitment to WSRO's mission.

Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame Awards are an annual part of the Washington State Public Transportation Conference. WSRO selections to the Wall of Fame are WSRO members who have made outstanding contributions to our organization. Whether these honorees have a visible role in the organization or have a "behind the scenes" role, their contributions are vital to the strength of our organization.

WSRO Recognition Award

Presented to an individual, a team or an organization in recognition of "excellence in the field of transportation." This award is open to WSRO members and non-members alike who have contributed to WSRO's mission within their community and/or at the state level.



WSRO Wall of Fame Honorees

WSRO Recognition Award Honorees

  • Julie Paone, King County Transportation Planner
  •  Karen Henderson, Pierce Transit 
  • Cindi Gyselinck, Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association (GRTMA)
  •  LeAnn Yamamoto, Spokane County
  • Dawn Erickson, Everett Transit
  • Kim Stoltz, Spokane County
  • Victoria Tobin, King County Metro
  • Jef Lucero, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
  • Ted Day, King County Metro
  • Jamie Cheney, Seattle Children's
  • Caryn Walline, Community Transit
  • Debbie Anderson, Community Transit
  • Aurora Crooks, Spokane County
  • Matt Ransom, Southwest Washington Regional Council


  • Stan Suchan, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
  • WSRO Promotional Advisory Committee
  • Kristina Walker – Downtown On the Go! Tacoma


  • Mark Melnyk, Community Transit



  • Tom Devlin, King County Metro
  • Celeste Gilman, University of Washington



  • Susan Horst, Whatcom Council of Governments



  • Kathy Johnston, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
  • Dave Rodrick, Ben Franklin Transit



  • Keith Cotton, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
  • Susan Whitmore, King County Metro



  • Jonathon Dong, Perteet Engineering
  • Dawn Kirsch, Community Transit



  • Karen Allen, Yakima Transit
  • Jeff Sommerville, WSDOT


  • Jeff Aumell, CBRE - Microsoft Commute


  • Megan Roberts,  City of Tacoma
  • Anne Ward-Ryan, King County Metro
  • Cathy Cole, Commuter Challenge
  • King County Metro Rideshare Operations


  • Lisa Quinn, University of Washington
  • Randy Stearnes, Tacoma Public Utilities



  • Mika Imori, King County Metro
  • Michael Van Gelder, Washington State Department of General Administration
  • Gayle Delanty, Bothell Carpool and Vanpool Services
  • CTR 9 County Group


  • Cathy Blumenthal, King County Metro
  • TJ Johnson, WSDOT
  • Judy Niver, Transportation Management & Consulting
  • Bullet Foundation


  • Aurora Crooks, Spokane County
  • Jennifer Hass, Community Transit
  • Sid Morrison, Secretary of Transportation
  • Local Partners for Smart Commuting of Spokane


  • Joan Cullen, Washington State Department of General Administration
  • Sharon Stockwell, Pierce Transit
  • Aurora Crooks, Spokane County
  • WSRO Rideshare Week Team


  • Melanie Rose, Spokane County
  • Bob Throckmorton, Community Transit
  • Weyerhaeuser Freeways – Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Pierce Transit
  • King County Metro
  • Intercity Transit


  • Debbie Germer, Pierce County
  • Katy Taylor, Weyerhauser Company
  • Washington State Energy Office


  • Cathy Cole, Commuter Challenge
  • Michael Soper, Washington State Department of Ecology
  • Michael Williams, University of Washington TRAC


  • Bob Ferguson, Kitsap Transit
  • Daniela Bremmer-Washington, WSDOT
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Katy Taylor, Spokane County


  • Patsy Nedrow, WSDOT
  • Arne Stone, Spokane County
  • Hewlett Packard


  • Faye Jenkins-Edwards, WSDOT
  • John Shadoff, WSDOT
  • Representative Ruth Fisher, House Transportation Chairperson


  • Dennis Bloom, LINK
  • Larry Roediger, WSDOT
  • Governor Booth Gardner


  • Syd Pawlowski, King County Metro
  • Yvette Wixson, Intercity Transit


  • Jerry Ayres, WSDOT
  • Daphne Tackett, Pierce Transit


  • Andrea Maillet, King County Metro
  • Dave Rodrick, Ben Franklin Transit



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