Billy Norton - CommuteSmartNW (Communications Director)

Born and raised, I’ve always called Spokane home. In my youth I learned the value of transit, it was how my mother’s commuted and she taught my brother and me how to use it. Growing up it allowed me to do things outside my neighborhood and t was my school bus as well. In college, I rode the bus and bicycled and when neither was an option for me, I shared the ride as often as possible. When working, again I would ride my bike as often as possible. I didn’t know about CTR, bicycling and riding the bus was just something I did. In the fall of 2014, I joined Commute Smart Northwest and it’s been an amazing journey. Working with Commute Smart Northwest, I’ve gotten to meet and be part of a group of amazing people who work hard to make a difference in their communities all over the state. I’ve designed lots of graphic materials for campaigns to help encourage and educate. In addition, I maintain and manage the social media accounts. I also do the graphic design for the Spokane Bike Swap and Spokane Bike Everywhere as well as stuff for Spokane County Public Works and the WSRO conferences. I’m also an LCI (League Certified Instructor) for the National Bike League Organization and I help educate others on bicycle safety and being good stewards of the bicycle community. I can’t imagine there’s a single person that doesn’t hope that they will somehow make a difference or help things be better somehow. I think it’s part of our nature, our desire to leave the world better somehow, working with CommuteSmartNW is my somehow.

Greg Garrett - Spokane Transit Vanpool (Secretary)

My name is Greg Garrett, and I am honored to be nominated for a board position with the Washington State Rideshare Organization. Since 2009, I have worked for Spokane Transit Authority where I am currently the Vanpool/Rideshare Program Manager. I have also held the co-chair position with the Washington State Transit Association from 2017 to 2022. I have been on the WSRO board for almost a year now. Not only do I have a vested interest in promoting public transit, but I also truly believe we must all make a concerted effort to improve mobility, and accessibility, of any commute trip mode other than single occupancy vehicles. I am happy with our state’s investment in public transportation, and I recognize it will take the hard work of the many talented individuals who call themselves member of WSRO. I vow to work alongside each one of you and support your CTR vision and endeavors. I have been a presenter or guest speaker at conferences for WSRO, WSTA, and ACT, as well as numerous presentations at area worksites to promote Commute Trip Reduction.

Kendle Bjelland - Commute Seattle (Events Director)

I’m excited to run for the WSRO Board for a second term because I love the opportunity to partner with other sustainable transportation enthusiasts to plan the WSRO conference. My experience with event planning and desire to call in practitioners from around the Pacific Northwest will help make WSRO 2023 the best one yet! I’ve worked at Commute Seattle since 2016, doing everything from selling ORCA passes and managing the CTR program to running operations and hosting special events. Before that, I led the initial rollout of ORCA LIFT on behalf of Catholic Community Services. I’m looking forward to bringing more diversity to WSRO’s content and recruiting an engaged conference planning committee for 2023. That could be you!

Laura Svancarek - Downtown: On the Go! (Promotions Director)

Laura has worked in transportation since early 2019 and comes from a background in sustainability education & environmental science. As a lifelong bus rider and Washington native, she has fond memories of bus hopping through Seattle’s free ride zone and around the Eastside as a teenager. She made the switch from education to transportation because of a love of transit and an interest in the sustainability and equity aspects of the field. Laura is the Commute Trip Reduction & Advocacy Manager for Downtown On the Go, a TMA operating in Downtown Tacoma, administering the CTR program for Tacoma businesses and working in cooperation with the Pierce County CTR program to provide county-wide commuter resources through Ride Together Pierce. In her advocacy role, Laura works to highlight the importance of transportation options, challenging barriers to access, and engaging in local processes to advocate for a better & safer transportation network. She organizes events that range in focus from cyclist safety, getting community members out on Pierce Transit buses with local leaders, and forum discussions with local experts on transportation and land use. Previously, she worked on the WSDOT Small Business Incentive program with Steer, connecting small businesses in Pierce and South King Counties with transportation benefits for their employees. Laura brings a perspective centered in the intersection of traditional TDM work and transportation equity advocacy work.

Matthew Trecha - Community Transit (Vice Chair)

Hello WSRO Voters! I am a 2020 MBA graduate with experience in both Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and data-heavy project management, excited to be nominated to the WSRO Board of Directors. I pursued my MBA degree to transfer my previously-gained skills in non-profit and private sector work – leading foundational and growth-enabled program development, management, and standards – to the public transit space. My passion for public transit stems from its ability to move us toward a more equitable society, reduce transportation’s environmental impact, and provide lifelines to urban and rural communities alike. I myself don’t own a car and understand how impactful our work is every single day when I walk out of my door. My current position as Field Marketing & Business Development Specialist at Community Transit has me working with multiple partners including WSDOT, King County Metro, other members of the ORCA pod (Everett Transit, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, and Kitsap Transit), and local large employers and (non-transit) government agencies. I look forward to contributing to the WSRO Board.

Monica Ghosh -Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) (Treasurer)

Monica Ghosh is a transportation planner in the WSDOT Public Transportation Division, prior to coming to WSDOT she worked in local government in Seattle and Tacoma.

Olivia Kahn - City of Vancouver (Memberships Director)

Olivia is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and earned her BS in Regional Planning from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Olivia knew the Pacific Northwest is where she wanted to live – the views, the water, the travel options – irresistible to an urbanist. She moved in 2015 to pursue a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University. PSU introduced TDM to Olivia, and you could say it was love at first sight. Olivia spent the last seven years working at non-profits – Oregon Walks, Westside Transportation Alliance (WTA), and most recently, 4.5 years at Commute Seattle. In October 2022, Olivia joined the City of Vancouver, WA as their one-and-only TDM Coordinator. Olivia is responsible for crafting new policies to meet climate, safety, and equity goals, expanding Clark County’s regional Commute Trip Reduction Program, kick-starting a brand new residential TDM program, and she also supports on mega projects like the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program and tolling and congestion pricing. In her free time, Olivia enjoys exploring on her e-bike, rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers, and spending time with family and her two lab mutts Hank and Pearl.

Rocco Devito - King County Metro (Partnerships Director)

I’m Rocco DeVito, I’m a customer relationship manager at King County Metro and I’m hoping to lend my voice to the WSRO board! I currently work with large business customers in King County and help them get the most out of their transit benefits including rideshare. In the past I assisted several jurisdictions, including Bellevue, with CTR requirements and compliance. I have a background in Environmental Science and Public Administration, and also serve as a Planning Commissioner in the City of Burien. I believe my experience and knowledge of businesses would be a great addition to the board and I hope to help drive more change in sustainable transportation!

Ross Peizer - City of Seattle (Chair)

Ross Peizer serves as the City of Seattle Employee Commute Options Program Manager (ETC) where he supports travel options for the City of Seattle's 12,000 employees. Ross earned a master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and has been working in the TDM field for over 10 years including in New Orleans, Eugene, Portland, and Snohomish County. For his own commute, Ross enjoys combining transit and biking.

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