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Since 1988 WSRO has been creating connections: to people like policymakers, transportation planners, employers and commuters to connect over shared goals and values of sustainable transportation and healthy, active communities. 

If you implement the Commute Trip Reduction law, manage a travel options program, plan complete streets, administer grants, or are an Employee Transportation Coordinator, WSRO is here to facilitate ideas and best practices to make your efforts more successful. This is primarily done through our annual conference.

Beyond that, membership benefits include access to webinars throughout the year, past conference materials, and, a community of over 100 professionals working in Washington to support sustainable, active transportation.

Individual and organization memberships are available. Visit our member application page for additional benefits and join today! 

“When WSRO launched in 1988, WSDOT was right there with them. Indeed, one of WSRO’s six founding members was a WSDOT employee. And ever since, we’ve been proud to pledge our support of its goals and mission.

WSRO welcomes a diversity of perspectives and ideas. They provide a networking platform for CTR, TDM, and land-use professionals from both sides of the state. Perhaps most importantly, they bring together the collective voice of our State’s ETCs, who serve as the backbone of the nation’s most successful statewide CTR program.

At WSDOT, our partnerships are perhaps our most critical asset– and WSRO is one of the most trusted, steadfast partners we have. It is a significant honor for WSDOT that we’ve been part of WSRO from the very beginning— and we’ll be there with them every step of the way forward.”

-Brian Lagerberg, Director, Public Transportation Division, WSDOT

WSRO 2024 Conference

How a Great City Moves

September 29 to October 1

Spokane, Washington

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